Government Accessibility & Transparency

In these turbulent times, the integrity of our elections matters more than ever. One critical function of Lane County Government is oversight and implementation of services delivered through our local elections division. In addition to ensuring ballots are sent, collected, and counted properly in each election cycle, Lane County Elections oversees records-keeping, information storage and dissemination, and support and technical assistance for a number of topics such as accommodating military and overseas voters and those with special needs, districting, and annexation petitions. 

The county’s strategic plan recognizes the importance of embedding diversity, equity and inclusion in all of our efforts. I support this approach and there are several ways I will help bring these values and goals to life regarding accountability and transparency.


First—once in office I will continue to knock doors. It's been some of the most gratifying, and informative work of the campaign so far and I want to continue to (literally) meet people where they are and ask what's on their mind, learn what issues they struggle with, and hear their ideas and concerns for how the county is doing. 

Second—holding occasional town hall style meetings to make it easier for more people to access to their commissioners, hear about what we're working on and how constituents can be involved, and ask questions. 

Third—During my service on the County Equity & Access Advisory Board we developed and made recommendations for how to make it more welcoming and equitable for people giving public comment, and create ways for everyday folks to engage with the Board of Commissioners to bring a wider diversity of voices to the table. I want to ensure these recommendations are implemented, and also want to highlight the participation of the hundreds of Lane County residents who serve on the dozens of advisory boards and committees, as a key inclusivity tool for hearing diverse opinions and perspectives. 

Fourth—I am dedicated to appointing a budget committee member who is equally as committed to equity and to using our budget as an expression of our values as I am.

I believe that equity is a value as well as a framework for conducting business. We should always consider who will be impacted by the policies we pass, and use “implications thinking” to look out for unintended consequences. And we should be able to clearly articulate the services constituents are getting for their tax dollars. As a County Commissioner, I am committed to asking hard questions and to being accessible and transparent in my decision making. 

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