Endorsements and Supporters

Laurie speaking at a rally in support of economic and social justice policies

Community Leaders

Erin Barnhart
Sue Barnhart
Rev. Dan Bryant
Betsy Boyd
Lori Bumgardner
Michael Carrigan
Julie Daniel
Micah Elconin
Dave Funk
Karen Goodwin
Margaret Hallock
Daniel Hayes
Greg Hazarabedian
Kenny Helphand
Margot Helphand
Irene Henjum
Madison Hibler
Patty Hine
Laura Illig
James Jacobson
Cindy Kokis
George Kokis
Kimberly Koops
Dawn Lesley
Lisa Levsen
Nichi Linder
Jan Madrone
Joy Marshall
Angie Marzano
Deb McGee
Matt McRae
Sera R. Miller
Don Nahnsen
Jason Nance
Anne O'Brien
Guadalupe Peraza Quinn
Carleen Reilly
Pat Reilly
Kara Smith
Joe Softich
Chelsea Sullivant
Marion Sweeney
Chris Tower
John VanLandingham
Mo Young
Rob Zako
Marissa Zarate

Elected and Appointed Officials

State Rep. Julie Fahey
State Rep. Marty Wilde
Ashley Espinoza, Oregon Commission on Hispanic Affairs
Claire Hall, Lincoln County Commissioner
Lucy Vinis, Mayor of Eugene
Kitty Piercy, Former Mayor of Eugene
Claire Syrett, Eugene City Councilor
Alan Zelenka, Eugene City Councilor
Leonard Stoehr, Springfield City Councilor
Christine Lewis, Portland Metro Councilor, District 2
CM Hall, Newport City Councilor
Steve Mital, EWEB Commissioner
Mindy Schlossberg, EWEB Commissioner 
Lisa Fragala, Lane Community College Board of Education
Chelsea Jennings, Lane Community College Board of Education
Angela VanKrause, Lane Community College Board of Education
Erin Zygatis, Lane Education Service District Board
Martina Shabram, Director, 4J School Board
Mary Walston, Director, 4J School Board 
Jennifer Geller, Former Director, 4J School Board
Beth Gerot, Former Director, 4J School Board
Evangelina Sundgrenz, Former Director, 4J School Board
Joshua Skov, Lane Transit District Board