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Issues and Framework

There are a number of pressing issues facing our community, and I will focus on a public health equity approach as a framework for decision-making and community improvement. This means I will focus on prevention and interconnection in order to address our homelessness and housing crises, develop anti-racist policies and procedures at the County, promote better health outcomes, rapidly respond to climate change, and ensure our communities’ resilience in the wake of COVID-19. 

Public health involves providing, promoting, and protecting the conditions that assure a thriving community. We all have a role in our communities’ health and safety—especially during COVID-19. 

Every human has the right to affordable, safe, and secure housing. We are obligated to name and address the humanitarian crisis that is homelessness in Lane County.

Lane County can lead the way supporting working families by ensuring that our own workers are fairly compensated, have time to take care of themselves and others, and have access to the resources they need to thrive.


Climate change is the greatest threat we face. No matter how large or small, we must all take immediate collective action to make a difference for the quality of our lives and the planet we leave for all future generations.

We must develop integrated transportation systems that are safe, accessible, and clean. There are a number of projects we can work on: reliable public transit system, service improvements to rail, well-maintained bridges, and pedestrian & bicycle infrastructure.

 I am committed to doing all I can to foster accessible, transparent, and accountable local government—especially when it comes to public safety, budgets, redistricting and elections. 

Please feel free to reach out if you feel there are any issues you would like to see addressed. 

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